Vehicle Graphics

Vinyl Logos, Lettering, and Graphics


In our 30 years in business we have fabricated and installed over 1,000 vehicle graphics packages. All of the graphics have been vinyl of some sort. The vinyl is either cut from a stock color or printed onto vinyl sheeting. Printed vinyl vehicle graphics receive a clear over-laminate.

Vinyl graphics are the standard in modern commercial vehicle marking. And more recently printed vinyl wraps have become commonplace. Traditional cut vinyl graphics are still used extensively in fleet markings but the printed full-color wraps have made the big splash over the last couple of years.

We have found that most of our customers prefer a modified wrap. A full wrap encompasses the entire vehicle and produces a certain look. The design process is difficult. The installation of the complete wraps is tedious and has become a specialty in itself. The full wraps are relatively expensive.

Partial wraps are usually a combination of cut vinyl and printed vinyl. The printed vinyl is installed just like a wrap except it only cover a portion of the vehicle. Print-cut technology allows intricate cutting of printed graphics. The design process is more straight-forward, the installation is easier, and inevitable graphic changes are less expensive.

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