Foam board signs, plastic signs, metal signs, and wood signs are our standard products.

We make custom signs from foam board, plastic, metal, and wood. Almost all of our signs are made by printing onto the sign material or by applying printed vinyl graphics onto the sign material. A smaller portion of our signs involve paint, die-cut graphics, and dimensional elements. We offer a variety of finishing options based on the sign material.

Foam board

We offer 2 different foam board signs. The first is 3/16" foam core. Lightweight, rigid, and relatively inexpensive foam core is a great choice for interior signs and posters. Foam core comes in 4'x8' sheets and signs can be any size. The other foam board we offer is 1/2" Gator board. Gator board is extremely strong and rigid. It cuts and shapes easily and is a good choice for higher end interior signs and graphics.

Sign Finishing Options

UV protective overlaminate is optional and greatly increases the outdoor life of a sign.

A Note on Pricing

Pricing on custom signs is very sensitive to quantity so quantity discounts are substantial. Our online pricing shows the effect of quantity on the unit price.

We also sell sign frames and stakes. A-frames, valet stands, retail sign holders are our frames. H-stakes for coroplast signs, angle-iron step stakes and u-channel posts for in-ground signs.

Code/Fire safety signs

Restroom signs, parking signs, ADA braille signs, safety signs, Handicap signs, Stop signs

Foam board Signs

We use two types of foam board,3/16" foamcore and 1/2" Gatorboard.

Foamcore is commonly used for short to medium term indoor signage. It's lightweight, rigid, and relatively inexpensive. Foamcore is susceptible to denting on the sign face and at the corners.

Gatorboard is a foamboard with a solid layer. It is great for interior signs and displays where a higher end look and feel is needed. Gatorboard is not cheap but it is much more durable than standard foamcore.



Interior signs and exterior signs are both available.

Event signs, directional signs, and parking signs are typical applications. Sign frames are available for many of our products. A-frame signs, valet parking sign frames, poster frames, and wall sign frames are just some of the options.

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