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Vehicle Graphics

When it comes to vehicle graphics, we know our stuff. With over 20 years of design, fabrication, and installation experience we know what works and what doesn’t. We will consult with you on what is best for you. A few well-placed vinyl graphics on your vehicle may be a better option than a full coverage wrap. If so, we will tell you.

Pac-Rat Palace Truck Graphic

Design Options

Based on our experience we offer several design options. From simple vinyl lettering on the doors, to reflective lettering, and up to full coverage wrap graphics. Following are the basic choices:

• Business name/logo, phone #, website on vehicle doors.
• Add reflective lettering.
• Add striping.
• Wrap portion of vehicle with full-color print.
• Wrap entire vehicle with full-color print.


Our pricing structure is based on these options. We will consult with you and provide a quotation for the type of graphics package that you would like.

Order Process

If you decide to proceed with the quotation, this is how our order process works:

• Quotation is accepted.
• We take photos/measurements of vehicle.
• We produce color proof for your review.
• Once design is approved, we schedule install date.
• Graphics fabricated.
• Graphics installed.

Got a Fleet?

We are fleet graphics specialists!

• In-house design & fabrication.
• Premium materials.
• Installation.
• Kitting/Shipping.
• Complete order history.

Lettering, Logos, Vinyl Wraps, Striping

Cut Vinyl Lettering for Vehicles

Vinyl lettering is cut with a plotter from a roll of self-adhesive vinyl. Vinyl rolls are available in many colors and sizes. In addition plotter vinyl is available in both premium and economy grades. For vehicle lettering, STG tries to use premium vinyl exclusively. The exception would be if the graphics are set to be removed quickly. Another popular choice for vehicle lettering is reflective vinyl. This allows the lettering to shine brightly when hit with light. Once cut, the vinyl lettering is transferred onto the vehicle surface. We can cut letters as small as 1/4″ and as large as 48″, or even larger if paneled.

Vinyl Logos for Vehicles

Vinyl logos can either be cut from plotter vinyl or printed on wrap vinyl and die-cut to shape. Two basic quality grades are available for wrap vinyl. Standard print/cut logo vinyl will last 2 to 3 years on a vehicle. Premium quality wrap vinyl will last much longer, up to 7 years depending on UV exposure. Vinyl logos can be printed on reflective vinyl to light up at night.

Vinyl Wraps for Vehicles

Vinyl wraps have become a very popular form of advertising. You can literally print any image on adhesive vinyl and apply it to a vehicle (or any flat non-porous surface). The vinyl graphic can cover any portion of the vehicle and full wraps are very common.
Again, the wrap graphics may be printed on reflective vinyl. This is usually done for a partial wrap – the door or side of an emergency response vehicle for example.

Vinyl Striping for Vehicles

Many commercial designs use vinyl striping for design purposes. In addition to adding color, the stripe is often a convenient place to put a phone number or website. Vehicle striping is usually made from cast plotter vinyl but it can be custom printed as well (RV kits for example).