Market Your Business with Signs


Successful marketing starts with a great sign. Every great company (Apple, GE, STG) realized early they needed great signs as they built their brand.

Signs: The Silent Salesperson

A creative and attractive sign can help you stand apart from your competitors. It is a sign that can plant a seed for future sales. Customers will be attracted to brands they know and trust. Companies that have branded well can be recognized and trustworthy without anything other than a sign.

Sales Without Sleep

Exterior signs can be seen 24 hours a day all year long. This gives your business a salesperson that never sleeps. Even if your business is closed, the brand recognition is always present. That sign is a continuous link between your business and your customers. For businesses on a budget there is not a more cost-effective way to get sales opportunities than your around-the-clock sales force.

Sales on the Go

Signs are also mobile. They can be magnetized for vehicles to advertise to everyone on the road. The more places people see your brand, the more recognized you’ll be. Small magnets and stickers can also keep your message mobile. Hand these small signs out at public events or your own hosted events. These mobile messages are always working for you wherever they go.

A Map for your Customers

Signs inside your store help guide your customers around. They provide a map to help the customer find their product. Signs can also catch the attention of a shopper leading them to impulse buys.


There are many ways you can advertising your brand. Radio, television, magazines, and newspapers can get your message and brand recognized. Signs can do the same, but with a much lower cost.