Modern Churches Have Many Sign Needs

church banner

In an on-going effort to recruit new members and inform existing ones, modern churches have many sign needs. The administrators that run today’s churches realize the value that modern signage can bring to them. All churches have these same basic sign needs:

  • Monument/Main entry sign
  • Campus wayfinding signage
  • Promotional flags and banners
  • In-chapel banners

Monument/Main entry signs

OCfirstAssyMonumentSignThe main entry, or monument sign is usually the crown jewel of a church’s sign program. Church monument signs range from flat wood signs to more elaborate metal signs that may be illuminated or contain digital screens. The church logo is typically the center-piece of the monument sign graphics. The main goal of the monument sign is to brand the church within the community.[divider_flat]

Campus wayfinding signage

The most difficult signage task a church faces is efficiently moving parrishoners and visitors through the campus area. Proper directional signage can go a long way towards helping in this area. The options for directional signage include moveable signs such as a-frame signs or “valet” type parking signs. Both of these type of signs can be weighted for stability yet maintain their mobility.  They have the added benefit of being able to be used in the parking lot to direct drivers as well. Another option are wall-mounted directional signs. These work well on larger campuses with myriad hallways. A third option is to use poles with directional arrows; these are often seen in outdoor shopping malls to direct visitors.

Promotional Banners and Flags

Banner911-ServiceBy nature churches have a lot of events. A common problem is how to publicize the events. Promotional banners are a great tool for churches to get the word out about upcoming events. Vinyl banners are usually the best option. Vinyl is durable and water-proof. The key to making the banner work is the design. Churches often have design help available to help with the artwork. We have artwork guidelines on-line. Another challenge is how to effectively install the banners. A fence is a good place to hang temporary promotional banners. Two trees and bungee cords also work very well. We also have an in-ground frame available for banners. The frame allows installation in any grass or dirt area.[divider_flat]

In-chapel banners

Most churches use fabric banners inside the chapel to celebrate religious occasions throughout the year. These banners are typically a lighter fabric than outdoor vinyl banners.  The fabric drapes much nicer than vinyl.  They usually include a pole pocket on the top for display.  These banners are often long and thin or angled at the bottom.

For pricing and more detailed information on these items see your local sign professional.