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Long Beach Expo Floor Decal

One of my favorite new products has to be floor decals. Even with large decals, these are an absolute joy to install. Traditionally, really sticky vinyl resulted in lots of bubbles. But with the floor decals, vinyl manufacturers have developed an adhesive that goes on smooth, holds very well, and removes without any glue residue. These are truly one of the easiest installing and removing decal products we have ever produced.
When coupled with a non-slip overlaminate the decals are a robust way of branding, advertising, or directing. The decals are often die-cut to shape adding an additional eye-catching component to these cool stickers.
Kristen Chapman, of Marketing for Collectors Universe, has found our floor decals to be a sought-after item by exhibitors in her Long Beach Coin Expo shows. Ms. Chapman allows her exhibitors to purchase floor decals that will be placed throughout the exhibit hall. The floor decals contain the exhibitors’ logo and their booth number.
The decals are gaining in popularity to the point that they are selling out well in advance of the shows.
The floor ads are a win-win for both The Long Beach Expo and its exhibitors. The Expo generates revenue by selling the floor decal ads to the exhibitors and the exhibitors gain a highly effective means of communicating with potential customers.