Tension Fabric Tradeshow Displays are Stealing the Show

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Tension Fabric Pop Up Display

Tension fabric tradeshow displays have become a popular alternative to traditional pop-up displays. Stunning graphics, ease of transport, and ease of set up are three great reasons to consider a tension fabric display.
Our fabric displays are printed with the dye-sublimation process, or dye-sub. Dye-sub printing produces vibrant, rich colors that really pop. The richness of color is acheived by heat-fusing the printed ink with the fabric. The process produces eye-popping images and amazing color. In addition to the elegant look, dye-sub printed fabric graphics are very durable. The graphics are waterproof and scuff resistant.
Ease of set-up and take down are where these displalys really set themselves apart. Set up is a breeze compared to traditional (multi-panel) pop up displays. While traditional pop up displays require 6 or 8 panels to be hung from the top of the display frame, tension fabric display graphics are a single piece. And the fabric is either already attached to the frame or easily attaches in the field. Same with take down. The fabric graphic either folds into the collapsible frame or is unzipped from its aluminum tube frame. These displays can literally be ready to go in less than 5 minutes. Very, very easy.
Fabric displays are transported in a durable case with a handle and wheels. The complete package is less than 50 lbs. – approximately half the weight of a comparable multi-panel display. [divider_flat]We currently carry two lines of tension fabric displays. Our “Fabric Pop Up” displays and our “EZ Tube Stretch Fabric Display” line.

Fabric Pop Up Displays

Fabric Pop Up aluminum frame

Fabric Pop Up aluminum frame

Stretch fabric backdrop and banner standOur Fabric Pop Up displays are dye-sub printed on stretch fabric. The display is created by attaching the stretch fabric graphic to an aluminum pop-up frame with 2″ wide strips of velcro. Once the graphic is attached, the pop-up frame is locked into place, stretching the fabric taught and creating a beautiful, seamless backdrop.
We currently offer 8 foot and 10 foot wide displays; curved or straight. These displays are available with or without endcap graphics and can be set together to create an even larger (20 foot) backdrop.[divider_flat]

EZ Tube Stretch Fabric Display

Our EZ Tube Fabric displays feature stretch fabric “pillow-case” graphics. The fabric pillow case is created with two pieces of fabric – a front and a back. The front is printed standard and the back may be printed as well. The fabric pieces are sewn on three sides and joined with a zipper along the top. The assembled fabric is slid over an aluminum tube frame and zipped up, tensioning it into place. The stretching of the printed fabric over the frame creates a “tension-fabric” display.

tension fabric display

Fabric is placed over frame and zipped into place

Curved EZ Tube Fabric Display[divider_flat]


Tension fabric displays are lighter and easier to assemble than traditional multi-panel pop-ups. They are also cheaper. A 10 foot Fabric Pop Up sells for $1,750 while our 10 foot multi-panel display sells for $2,100. The only downside I can see would be an individual preference for the look of traditional panel displays.
But the ease of set-up, take down, and transport make the decision a pretty easy one: you really do need a lightweight stretch fabric display.