Plasticolor Inc. Supports Messiah Lutheran Church

Banners, Our Customers
banner in ground

Matt Bagne is passionate in the support of Messiah Lutheran Church in Yorba Linda. Matt is the owner of Fullerton based Plasticolor Molded Products and over the last 5 years he has funded a series of promotional banners for the church.
Matt’s goal is to get the word out about the church’s wonderful programs and services. Working with STG and utilizing our in-ground banner frame Matt has placed several banners in the front grass area facing Yorba Linda Boulevard. The banners are hard to miss and have become a valuable marketing tool for the church.
Matt and his very talented graphic designer Greg Curley have created artwork for the following church promotions:

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  • Easter Services
  • 9/11 Celebration Service
  • Child Care
  • Christmas Services
  • Fall Feastival
  • Church’s 50th Anniversary

[/unordered_list]The most impressive thing about the banners is the design work. Matt and Greg are well-versed in advertising design and it shows in the church banners. The designs are easy to read, eye-catching, and contemporary. Just what is needed to really make the banner/frame system work well. We feel fortunate to haveĀ  a customer like Matt.[divider_flat]
The promotional banners are just one of the areas where Matt helps Messiah Lutheran. The church is lucky to have him in their service.[hr]
The banner frame is installed by digging two post holes 24″ deep. The legs of the frame are placed into the holes and filled with dirt for stability (the legs can acutually be cemented into the holes for a more permanent install). A top crossbar connects the frame legs and completes the structure. The vinyl banner (4 feet x 8 feet) is then lashed to the frame with 8 or 10 bungee-balls around the perimeter.